Festivals in Myanmar

Kachin Manaw Festival (Kachin State)

It is delightful festival known as Manaw, most popular festivals in Myanamr, the hill people or the Scots of Myanmar, celebrate Manaw festival. All who came to the festival wear their best traditional costume and the main feature of the festival is dancing around the erected Manaw poles.

Ananda Pagoda Festival (Bagan)

It's the most beautiful one out of 2000 holy monuments in Bagan, villagers and pilgrims around Bagan roll in the scared site of Ananda for the consecration, best time to see not only the ritual of Buddhists but the festival is also meant for social gathering, reunification, propagation and perpetuation of the religion that is Buddhism.

Naga New Year (Sagaing)

The Naga Festival is reunion of relatives but also to exchange previous year experiences to make plans for the coming year and to discuss how to overcome difficulties, to pray for abundant crops and domestic animals and have good weather. Most of the Naga are from Chin State and spread throughout the Northwestern hills of Myanmar.

Htamane Festival (countrywide)

Htamane festival is held between February and March, throughout the whole country, made of stick rice and sesame seeds, then offered to the Buddha and is given away for free to all the visitors to the pagodas.

Salone Festival (Tanintharyi Region)

The festival is at Majungalet Village on Bocho Island near Lampi Island in Myeik, Thanintharyi Division, will witness a fascinating way of life and spiritual dances, also rowing competitions folk singing, diving, a traditional Salone (sea gypsies) feast, encountering this chance be a rare opportunity.

Shwe Dagon Pagoda Festival (Yangon)

The greatest festival in Yangon Myanmar, the world’s richest pagoda, most beautiful and magnificent structure in the world. A great number of people pay homage, pouring water to the scared Bo tree, the overnight weaving contest for the yellow robes, the donation of gold leaves in a buck and many others are unnoticed festivals in each occasion.

Kakku Pagoda Festival (Inle)

The festival will begin two or three days in advance for this is not just a religious festival but also a social occasion, the time for all to have fun, exchange news and gossips to trade, for the younger time to meet their friends from other villages or the boys to fall in love with the girls, people of the region arrive by the thousands, dressed in their traditional costumes.

Shwe Umin Pagoda Festival (Shan State)

The festival starts seven days before the full moon day, thousands of devotees come from villages around the area to the cave.

Sand Pagoda Festival (countrywide)

One of the traditional festivals is the pagoda or stupa the broad sand banks along the river of the locality.

Mann Shwesettaw Festival

One of the most significant pagoda festival in upper Myanmar also well known as Mann footprint across Ayeyarwaddy River Bridge. One exhilarating experience you will get when visiting Mann Shwe Sattaw is bathing in the cool, clean and sparking waters of Mann Creek.

Thingyan Water Festival (Countrywide)

The Water Festival represents the most popular, raucous and colorful celebration of the year for more than 120 million people who will abandon any thoughts of work and bring their nations of a standstill, gather together again and visits pagodas, offers and pay homage to the monks. After having fun throughout the country, the city-dwellers welcome the New Year on the 17th by cleaning the floors of the pagodas and monasteries, washing old and aged peoples’ hair, helping to cut their nails, if you can be here will never forget the true joy.

Thanakha Grinding Festival (Rakhine)

Thanakha is a cream or make up obtained by grinding thanakha tree’s bark. Females use it as a protection against heat as well as a decoration, not unusual to see males also wearing them, thanakha grinding event in Sittwe is a traditional event held on the eve of Water Festival. In the early part of the night, young women grind thanakha barks and roots to a fine cream by grinding it along with a sprinkle of water on rounded stone slabs. Young men play musical instruments and dance to support the event. Thanakha is ready all go to nearby pagodas and wash the Buddha images with it as a new- year eve good deed.

Full Moon Day of Kason (or) Bo Tree Watering Festival (countrywide)

The festival falls on May at the middle of the hot season, the day on which Gotama Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, passed away and as a recluse in this previous existence. The Bodhi tree has relations with Lord Buddha so becomes respectable for the Buddhists, people pour water at the Maha-Bodhi tree to make sure it does not die of drought during the hot summer, has become an integral part of Myanmar Culture.

Pariyatti Sasana Exmination

The religious (Buddhist) examinations are usually held during the month of Na Yone (June), since the time of the Myanmar kings, the religious examinations for the novices and monks were held in the court yard annually including written test and viva voice. Nowadays the religious examinations were held for and wide all over the country.

Full Moon Day of Waso

The Waso robe offering festival in countrywide, monks will beginning of the three–month Buddhist lent in the Waso (July). During Waso Monks are not allowed to travel. People try to follow no weddings, feasts or festivals are celebrated.

Taungpyone Festival

This festival is known as Taungpyone Festival, Nat Pwe, is a super natural powerful beings, stated between the gods and the spiritual beings, and held at Mount Popa, one hour drive from Bagan. Comes to this special festival and offer their donations and enjoy themselves with the blessings of the spirits every year for prosperity, fame and luck for the next coming year. If you can have a visit to Myanmar to learn about new cultures and to have extraordinary experience.

Phaungdawoo Pagoda Festival (Shan State)

One of the famous principal shrines in Inle lake, during festival the five Buddha images are rowed around the Lake in a colorful barge, the most dazzling and magical places in Asia. The barge is towed by the boats of leg-rowers and hundreds of boats follow the procession, really a splendid sight, most interesting event of festival especially for foreigners, their boat race due to their unique leg rowing. It is the one and only place in the world that one can see such marvelous act.

Full Moon Day of Thadingyut (Countrywide)

Three days of lights festival, illuminations are there to celebrate the anniversary of Buddha’s return from the celestial abode where he had spent the lent teaching the celestials about his law and mother of Buddha reborn there, to welcome Buddha and his disciples illuminated the homes and streets.

Dancing Elephant Festival (Kyaukse)

Dancing Elephant Festival is also another famous festival in Myanmar, held in Kyaukse near Mandalay, a marvelous performance of two men together to dance in rhythm. A huge elephant figure is made from bamboo and paper, men take their places inside the figure and dance around the town to the accompaniment of Dobat and Drums. People from far and near come to visit Kyaukse and watch the elephant dance.

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Festival (Mon State)

The famous legendary pagoda on the Golden Rock, one of the most ancient and celebrated of all pagodas in Myanmar, about 160 km from Yangon and 11 km of hiking from the base camp at Kyaikhto.It is a special festival of lights celebration, offer the lighting of 9000 candles and 9000 flowers to the Buddha.

Matho Thingan (countrywide)

This festival of Tazaungmon is an auspicious time for offering of yellow robes to the monks. The Buddha’s mother, reincarnated as a god in Tavatimsa. Perceived from her heavenly abode that her son would soon be discarding. The royal robes and wearing a monk’s garments. She wanted to provide the yellow robes of the monk and she had only a night’s time. But she had it woven in a single night and offered to the Prince (Siddhata) by a celestial messenger. In commemoration of this event weaving competitions of yellow robes are held all over the country.

Kahtein Thingan Offering (countrywide)

An offering of Kathein Thingan (ceremony for offering of yellow robes) to the monks is usually a big affair in large cities of Myanmar. Offering ceremonies consist of a thousand and one gifts pooled by the whole town beside the prime gift of Yellow robes. The kathein festivals account for the greatest significance in Tazaungmone.

Hot-air balloon Festival (Shan State)

Taunggyi is the capital of the Southern Shan State and it lies 1.430 meters above the sea level and has a moderate climate. The most significant festival is the annual Tazaungdine Lighting Festival which is around October and November. Lu Ping festival commonly known as hot balloon festival celebrates by Pa O, one of the many ethnic groups in the region.

On the occasion people enjoy fun and merriment by holding firework-launching competitions. The firework is in the form of rockets. There is also hot balloons competitions on the day and night occasions. Day balloons are usually in the form of Pagodas and animals such as elephant, dragon or ducks while the balloons usually in the shape of rugby ball, huge elongated paper balls with small lighted multicolored paper lanterns hung around their sides and balloons would sting along fireworks and fire sticks which are set off mid-air fireworks.

Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone

Also lights festival, auspicious night, offered 9000 candles and 9000 flowers around the pagoda country wide, fireworks came out from the either side of the throne of pagoda, people usually eat vegetable curry and it is believed the bitter Maezali bud salads, will free from all diseases, streaming from that belief, one of the treasured habits of Myanmar.

Kayin New Year Festival

Kayin New Year day is most colorful festival in Myanmar, worn colorful Kayin costume and go around the city, visit relatives and enjoy the festival, and dance competitions are held every year.