(Wonder Land of Amazing People)

Rakhine a group of Myanmar tribe, this state is situated in the western part of the country. The area is famous for its beautiful beaches, the scenery of the state, many of the powerful pagodas, the great history of the ancient dynasties, their way of life, their own culture and their priceless heritages.

Capital – Sittwe

Languages Major – Rakhine, Myanmar

Industries – Agriculture, Fishery

Car, Air, Boat

Mrauk U

Nagapali Beach




Archeological & Culture – Pagodas, Monasteries, “spirit” worship culture, Sandstone Culture and Myanmar Architecture Evolution

Trekking sites – Trek to Rakhine Yoma to study Native People

Ethnic – Many of Colorful and Interested Native People, with tattooing Faces and Rakhine People

Special Activities – Rakhine Yoma Elephant Camp, Nagapali Beaches


Sittwe is the capital city of Rakhine State, situated on the seacoast at the mouth of the Kaladan River. This Rakhine State comprises plenty ancient historical sites because it was established more than 2000 years ago. It has a long and interesting background history. The modern Rakhine capital was founded by British in 1826, after the First Anglo-Burmese wa in 1824. Highlights of the areas are Atual-Marazein Pyilone Chan tha Payagyi, Koe- Nawin-Kat Kyaw Zedi, Kyar Yoke monastery, Thanboke day dtupa, Thetkyamuni Pagoda and Mahazeya Monastery, buddhistic Museum & Cultural Museum. It can be reached from Yangon by air. The flights take about 70 minutes from Yangon.

Mrauk U

This 15th century ancient city of Rakhine Kingdom is known for its old temples with wall paintings of Indian cultural influence. The city became a free port trade with the Middle East, Asia, Holland, Portugal and Spain; elephants were one of the main commodities supplies from the Rakhine region. Mrauk U was a successor to two earlier kingdoms in the area, Dhanyawaddy (circa 1st to 6th centuries AD) and Wethali (3th to 10th centuries AD), the remains of which are still visible in the north. Today,the original city lies in ruins and a small, poor town with simple buildings of brick,wood and thatch has grown up adjacent to the old city site. A regular passenger boat takes hours from Sittwer (Akyab) to Mrauk U but special speedboat with 20 seats takes only two and half an hour. It is also accessible by road from Sittwe via Ponnakyun and Kyauktaw. The Mahamuni Shrine, one of the famous Pagodas in Myanmar isj situated 30km from Mrauk U.

Ngapali Beach

The name of the beach is given by Italian home-sicker. The name is given after the name of “Napel Beach” from Italy. The prettiest beach backed by swaying palms and casuarinas. The beach stretches some 3km and is the best place for those who love the sea, sun and sand or swimming or carefree loitering on the beach. Fishing villagers nearby are also very interesting and beautiful sunset view makes one unforgettable. Located on the Rakhine coast near Thandwe, 35 minutes flight from Yangon.